Climate change scenarios

  • Changes in Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves in Ontario
  • Changes in erosion regimes of St. Lawrence tributaries
  • Validation of simulated extreme precipitation over Québec by the Canadian Regional Climate Model
  • Climate change scenarios for salmonids riverine thermal refuges
  • Climate change scenarios for salmonid habitats in lakes
  • Climate information for engineers, showcased by the Climate Services Partnership 
  • Sea ice conditions in the Arctic over 2000–2100 from the CMIP5 ensemble


  • Error models for operational hydrological predictions
  • Bayesian analysis of extreme rainfall events
  • Accounting for rainfall error uncertainty in model calibration

Sea ice

  • Mid-Holocene sea ice conditions in CMIP5
  • Sea ice model fluxes validation in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
  • Sea ice modelling using MITgcm – present and future state of Arctic sea ice conditions